Privacy Policy

This shop recognizes the importance of customer's personal information protection and complies with the Act on Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information Protection Act"), and the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as "this privacy policy "It is called.) In accordance with), we will strive to handle properly and protection.

1. Define personal information

In this privacy policy, personal information is the personal information defined by Article 2 Clause 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, that is, information about the living individual, and the name contained in the information, Descriptions, etc. (including other information and other information and other information can be identified, which will allow you to identify a specific individual.) Or Personal identification sign It shall mean information that contains.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

This shop should be used for the purpose of providing the following personal information, order information (including information about your order history) collected from customers, and the purpose of providing this service. I have. Besides the provision of this service or the purpose of defining below, the shop does not use your personal information.

  • When introducing products and services of our shop for customers
  • In this shop, if you are replaced by customers, order procedure, check your order content, and change the change procedure
  • When answering for inquiries from customers
  • For customers, please ask for your feedback on the service of our shop
  • In order to use it for the purpose of contacting our customers separately and separately
  • To create statistical materials classified by customer's attributes (age, address, etc.)
  • To provide and display information dissemination and service adapted to their preferences for each customer
  • Purpose attached to the above use purpose

3. Safety management of personal information

Safety management of personal information stored from customers will take rational, organizational, physical, human, technical measures by service providers, and in our shop We will strive to prevent dangers such as invading invading data, loss of personal information, tampering, leaks, etc.

4. Disclosure of personal information to third party

This shop does not provide personal information to a third party without getting the consent of customers in advance, except in the following cases. However, except if it is recognized by the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws regulations.

  1. When based on laws and regulations
  2. When it is necessary to protect human life, body or property, when it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  3. When it is particularly necessary to promote public health improvement or children's sound development, it is difficult to obtain customer consent
  4. If you need to cooperate with the government's organization or local public organization or its outsourced person, it is necessary to cooperate with the administrative work defined, and hindrance to the execution of the office work When there is a risk
  5. Disclosure of personal information to business partners regarding operations of this site. However, the information disclosed in this case is limited to the required range, and the disclosure address is required to manage personal information by contracts.

5. Correction, deletion of personal information

Correction and deletion of personal information from customers please inform information from the following inquiry.
In addition, if you are registered as a customer, you can correct personal information from this site menu "My Account".

6. Using Cookie (Cookies)

This shop service may use cookie and similar technologies. These technologies help grasp the service usage of our shop service and contribute to the improvement of service. Customers who want to disable cookies can disable cookies by changing the web browser settings. However, disabling cookies may not be able to use some functions of our shop service.

Our shop does not require a cookie for unnecessary information collection purposes. It is recommended that the browser cookie settings are enabled.

7. Stopping of personal information

The shop is a reason that the customer's personal information is being handled beyond the scope of the published usage purpose or false or other unauthorized means. If it is determined that there is a reason for the request for the request to stop or erase it (hereinafter referred to as "use suspension, etc.") based on the method of law, if you have a reason for the request, the customer After confirming that you are billed, we will stop using personal information without delay, and notify customers. However, with the personal information protection law and other laws and regulations, this is not the case if the shop does not duty such as outages.

8. Change Privacy Policy

This shop may change the contents of the handling of this personal information without prior notice, depending on the operating need of our shop, the enforcement of the new law, the revision of the existing laws and regulations, and other circumstances. If you change, post it on this website and let me know. Please check the latest content on this page when using it.

9. Contact for personal information protection policy

For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the following window.

Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Nishi Nishi 1-33-18 Court Daikanyama Room 402
Company name: AUTHEN ONLINE
Email Address:

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